Legal challenges brought by continued supporters of the president took a hit in front of the Supreme Court earlier in the week, as assurances given by the president, Lin Wood, and Sidney Powell as to the efficacy of their court challenges have not worked out the way they intended.

Forbes: “The U.S. Supreme Court rejected motions to fast-track eight GOP-led lawsuits Monday that challenged President-elect Joe Biden’s victory, including lawsuits led by President Donald Trump and former Trump legal advisor Sidney Powell, effectively killing the post-election litigation by ensuring it won’t be heard before Biden takes office and likely renders the cases moot. The Supreme Court denied motions to expedite the post-election cases, which include three Trump-led lawsuits challenging the election results in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

The court also denied Powell’s lawsuits challenging Michigan and Georgia’s election results, conservative attorney Lin Wood’s challenge of Georgia’s results and Arizona GOP chair Kelli Ward’s lawsuit challenging that state’s votes. The Supreme Court also rejected a motion to expedite a Pennsylvania case brought by GOP lawmakers after previously denying a motion for injunctive relief in the case, which stopped the case from being decided before the Electoral College met.

By denying motions to expedite the cases, the court will instead consider them on a slower timeline after Inauguration Day, which would be too late for the court to potentially grant the plaintiffs’ requests for the court to overturn the election results.”

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As legal options become exhausted, the path to the inauguration of Joe Biden becomes, as it always has been, inevitable. In fact, given House action on impeachment and outstanding legal issues before the courts, the legal aspects of this election will be further dealt with after Joe Biden is president, rendering any conclusions moot in regards to the election itself.

In more news for Attorney Powell, Dominion Voting Systems is suing her for $1.3 billion. Powell has made many statements, since disproven, alleging corruption and ballot tampering on the part of Dominion.

“We’re filing this lawsuit because 300 families have staked their livelihoods on this company,” said Dominion CEO John Poulos. “Words don’t describe the effect. Lives have been upended.”

The lawsuit also notes that because of claims Powell has made Dominion employees have been the subject of death threats.

“We’re going to blow your f***ing building up,” one person said in a voicemail left on the Dominion main office line. The “We’re” was not specified, but can be easily deduced.