The doomsday clock hit zero. The worst fear for the Republican party and their followers has come true. The Democrats stole the election and took with it all of Washington. Solidifying their monopoly over America, the Democrats won the runoff election in Georgia. Even if it were to end in a tie, Kamala Harris would be the deciding vote. So, what is left of the GOP and their followers?

Simply put – nothing. While the Democrats have their fair share of the blame, the GOP needs to take a hard look at their own people. From not approving stimulus packages to accepting a rigged election, the GOP isn’t innocent in all of this – they are partially to blame. In the video below, find out the reasons why the GOP did what they did and what the future looks like.

The true victims of the election are the American people, on both sides of the aisle. What the Democrats did to win the election was blatantly illegal and the GOP let them walk away. The only person that seemed remotely interested in it was President Trump. The reasoning for this is unclear. Maybe they didn’t want big tech to come after them like they did Trump for calling the election what it is – rigged.

With the runoff election over and nothing else to do – it’s time the GOP focus on itself and right the wrongs of 2020. The Democrats are going to throw us into another series of lockdowns and outrageous mandates as they let fear take over the country. The GOP needs to be the voice of the people. There are a majority of Americans who didn’t vote for Biden, no matter what the polls say. Those people still believe in the values and integrity of this great nation, and without them – America is doomed.

While the Democrats might have Washington for the next four years, the party does not define the spirit of America. That will always remain with the people and it is that spirit that will carry true patriots through the turbulent times ahead. But if all else fails, let the Democrats do what they do best. It’s only a matter of time before their true motives are brought to light.