While Joe Biden and the Democrats are busy parading around Washington, disrupting all that the Republicans built, their voters are anxiously awaiting what they promised. First, they said we would get $2000 stimulus checks, but that was quickly tossed aside. Now, it appears even the Black Lives Matter movement is getting the cold shoulder from their precious President Biden. So, as any sensible movement would do – BLM has posted a series of demands they want Biden to tackle while in office.

Black Lives Matter continues to surge through American towns and cities as the President acts as if they don’t even exist. Several times, BLM has demanded a “seat at the table” with him and other leaders, but time and time again – their calls go unanswered. While Biden only cares about votes, let’s look at some of their demands.

It should come as a surprise, but their first demand is that Trump should be convicted and never allowed to hold office again. Joining forces with several key Democrats, they believe that Trump did less for Black people than any other President. It doesn’t matter that facts show otherwise, or the fact that unemployment was down thanks to Trump. Either way, they still want him out.

Another demand was to permanently ban Trump from all digital media sites. According to BLM, the former President shouldn’t be allowed to use social media because all he does is promote violence and hate throughout America. Again, these statements are completely false and hold no merit, but these are their demands.

Continuing on, their next outrageous demand is to expel all Republican members of Congress who attempted to overturn the election and promote white supremacy. As they see it, the members of congress are feeding into conspiracy theories that do nothing more than spread misinformation to the masses. It doesn’t matter that evidence has been presented showing the election was stolen, BLM just wants them gone.

There is a total of seven demands that BLM wants to be met. From defunding the police to purging the military of racism, it’s shocking that BLM wouldn’t want more for the black community in general. Out of all their demands, not once do they talk about black-on-black crime or the inner-city drug problem. They seemed to only be fixated on the imaginary boogeyman that is Donald Trump.