Like another American adventuress, Meghan Markle has made an indelible impression on her man. On top of that, the leftist Markle wants to expand her influence far beyond the shores of the kingdom she contrived to serve.

She’s taken a dull but courageous ginger prince and turned him into a docile poodle who scampers at her ideological side, always ready to lend a diminishing sense of royal glamor to whatever vulgar photo op his wife has planned. The recent pregnancy announcement shot stolen from the film “Notting Hill” is a case in point.

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Now comes news that this former C List actress is planning a political career in California, hence her wish to return to America and thus coerce her malleable husband into abandoning the duties he had sworn to carry out. Yes, Wallace Simpson vogue is back with an airhead vengeance.

As a celebrity, a fool, and a leftist, Markle would fit in well in California politics. As a royal in a state that prizes being famous for being famous, her success is assured. She’ll just be reading lines anyway, thus reality need never intrude. Or, will it?

Andrew Morton, author of “Meghan: A Hollywood Princess”, says the duchess is not thick-skinned enough to be in American politics. “I would state categorically that she has no chance of ever running for president. She would be eaten alive. You need the skin of a rhino to run for office especially in America which is an utterly polarized nation. Look what happened to Hillary [Clinton], and she has lived and breathed high-octane politics since college.” President? Ha! But then, the way the nation is trending towards cult of personality political allegiance, can this be far behind?

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The press is hip to her ideology, which they love. During the last presidential campaign a reporter from British The Daily Mail newspaper asked former President Trump: “Prince Harry and Meghan Markle chimed in on the U.S. election and essentially encouraged people to vote for Joe Biden. I wanted to get your reaction to that.” Trump: “I’m not a fan of hers, and I would say this–and she probably has heard that—but, I wish a lot of luck to Harry, because he’s going to need it.” Sometimes, one does miss Trump.

To launch her political career Markle has scheduled a March 7th interview with Oprah Winfrey. Like with everything else regarding Markle, this was plotted by her some time ago.

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Royal watcher Margaret Holder said in The Express: “The combination of friendly neighbour Oprah as her gentle inquisitor, plus the overwhelming attraction of a prime time audience, would guarantee Meghan unequalled publicity for her liberal views on various issues.” California will eat it up. Say hello to a future member of The Squad.