The Democrats have been hard at work over the past years, making sure that America hates the Republican party. They somehow managed to blame COVID-19 on the right while pushing useless lockdowns and mask mandates. Luckily, President Trump was still in office and left it up to the states to decide how to treat the virus. While the Dems continued to run out of fear, true Republican leaders took charge and saved their states from economic collapse. One of those leaders was South Dakota, Governor Kristi Noem.

In the video below, you can see what makes Gov. Noem such a likable person among conservatives. She doesn’t stand idly by like Andrew Cuomo or hide in their basement like our now President Biden. No, Gov. Noem takes her authoritarian role seriously and does what it takes to protect the state and the people she loves. Take a look at what happens when a reporter tries to press her on her no mask mandate.

That video alone is more than enough for Noem to garner a place in the upcoming primary elections. As host Drew Berquist puts it, it’s a “breath of fresh air” to hear a politician use common sense over pushing an agenda.

For the South Dakota Governor, she needs more than policy to implement mandates on the American people – she wants science. During the press conference, Noem tells the reporter that she will only listen to facts and science when it comes to what decisions she makes.

Gov. Noem doesn’t mix words when she even attacks the CDC and how they have changed their stance several times when it comes to COVID-19. She goes on to admit that the CDC is being influenced by the government.

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As for masks, Noem doesn’t disagree with the fact that they work. Again, the facts and data say that the right masks work in the appropriate setting. That being said, Noem doesn’t agree with the government stepping into people’s lives and demanding that they wear them. And for the people that shame those for not wearing them, Noem not only condemns those people but says that isn’t what America is about.