Occasionally you’ll see a celebrity speak common sense, even bravely call something out. But just for a moment. Then the PC vultures swoop in and do their work. The celeb then recants in words fitting for a Chinese Cultural Revolution town kvetch session. So it is with Sharon Osbourne.

FNC: “CBS says Sharon Osbourne’s heated discussion about race, spurred by her previous support of Piers Morgan, on Wednesday’s episode of ‘The Talk’ is now under review. On Wednesday, Osbourne made headlines for her exchange with ‘The Talk’ co-host Sheryl Underwood. The two, along with Amanda Kloots and Elaine Welteroth, were discussing the intense backlash Morgan received this week for his controversial comments about Meghan Markle following the duchess and Prince Harry’s sit-down interview with Oprah Winfrey.”

CBS responded in Gestapo fashion, “We are committed to a diverse, inclusive and respectful workplace. All matters related to the Wednesday episode of ‘The Talk’ are currently under internal review,” a spokesperson for the network told media in a statement. What did Osbourne do? She defended an old friend, Piers Morgan over his critical opinion on the scheming Californian adventures and C list actress Meghan Markle, the Yoko Ono of the royal family.

Osbourne: “I know he has a right to say what he feels on the interview, as we have a right to say and everybody has a right to say what they feel with freedom of speech. Did I like everything he said? Did I agree with what he said? No, because it’s his opinion. It’s not my opinion…But why is it that because I supported a long-time friend and work colleague of mine for years that everybody goes, if you support him, then you must be racist because he’s racist?”

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Co-host Kloots then went full PC racist on her, “He doesn’t want to understand how Meghan was treated was racism and then says … ‘I don’t see it as being racist — I don’t believe what she’s going through’ — it’s that white entitlement, privilege that makes it racist upon itself. So if you’re saying ‘I stand with you,’ how do you address people who say then you are standing with racism? I’m not saying that you are.” That statement, of course, made absolutely no sense.

The witless entertainer continued, “When we give passes or give space to people who are saying damaging, harmful things, what we’re kind of doing is [permitting] it. And I think that’s what people are reacting to.”

Osbourne then legitimately asked: “So if I like Piers and he’s seen as racist, I’m racist? Is that what you’re saying?” That’s exactly what she was saying. And since Osbourne soon after issued a groveling apology, apparently she agrees she’s a racist. Dear lord, what is wrong with these people?