The Democrats praise President Biden while promising the American people a better tomorrow given that they control all of Washington. But what do they have to show for it? The vaccine and its distribution plan were designed by the Trump Administration, although both Biden and Dr. Fauci have now taken credit for it. And what about the Border Crisis? Another great plan handed down by Donald Trump himself that Biden has completely bungled. No matter which way the Democrats try to spin it, America is in a bad place. And the polls are starting to show it. 

While former President Donald Trump proved that polls can be wrong, Democrats still strongly rely on them to gauge their voters. Most of the time, these polls are highly skewed, but they can give some insight into voter trends. The most recent poll was conducted by the left-leaning ABC and showed Biden’s approval rating on key issues like the border “circumstance” and gun violence. 

The poll, which was meant to boost Biden’s approval ratings, actually did the complete opposite even though it was made up of 26% Republican, 31% Democrat, and 36% Independent. When it came to key issues like the Border Crisis, 57% disapproved of how President Biden is handling the situation. That includes the “situation with migrants and unaccompanied children showing up at the border.”

And what about the current spin from the Biden Administration that the border influx is normal? Voters again aren’t buying into the lies the Democrats are trying to sell. 54% believe that the southern border situation is indeed a “Crisis”. Another 42% said that it might not be a crisis, but it is a serious problem. 

Remember Biden promising to unify the country that has felt so divided over the last few years when he won the White House? Well, 40% of voters say that President Biden isn’t unifying the country, but actually pushing it further apart. 

And lastly, Gun Control. A hot topic in recent weeks due to the horrible mass shootings that have taken place. While Biden claims to be pushing for stricter gun laws, his own voters believe he is doing nothing more than spreading false hope. Among the poll, Biden’s handling of gun violence saw a disapproval rating of 37%, and that was just the Democrats. It should also be noted that this is the highest dissatisfaction among same-party members in the survey. 

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The poll did give hope to the Biden Administration when it came to COVID-19 and handling the vaccination, but again – this plan was directly handed down by President Trump, so even those approval ratings aren’t necessarily accurate.