Knowing they might lose Congress in 2022, the Biden administration is working at a feverish pace to install their programs as law. His almost first 100 days in office have been a disaster for the nation.

In many areas Biden and the Democrats are moving quick, much to the injury of the American people. Conservative writer Liz Peek takes a look at the dangerous ways Biden is transforming this country.

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Peek: “Joe Biden has been president for 96 days. It seems like a lifetime. In just three months, under Biden’s presumed leadership, Democrats have threatened to pack the Supreme Court, eliminate the filibuster, abolish the Electoral College, grant statehood to Washington, D.C., federalize voting laws, and enact a labor bill that would overturn right-to-work statutes in 27 states. Democrats want unlimited power and are mobilizing all possible means to get it.

“On the day he took office, Biden set about dismantling every policy initiated by his predecessor. Most damaging, the president reversed President Trump’s immigration measures, setting up a humanitarian and security nightmare at our southern border. As president, Biden has worsened race relations by frequently denouncing the United States as ‘systemically racist’ and insulting the citizens of Georgia by foolishly declaring their legislators’ voting bill as ‘Jim Crow on steroids.’ He has also larded his Cabinet with people like U.N. Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield, who claimed the ‘original sin of slavery weaved White supremacy into our founding documents and principles.’

“It almost seems as though Biden and the people around him don’t like the United States very much. Voters are not wowed by Biden’s behavior. A recent Washington Post poll showed his approval rating at 52%, better than Trump but below most other presidents after their first 100 days in office. More telling perhaps is that the number of those who ‘strongly’ disapproves of Biden (35%) tops those who strongly approve (34%) even though the economy is improving and despite laughably positive coverage by the liberal media.

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“Those numbers will get worse as voters learn more about Biden’s proposals. For example, McLaughlin & Associates polling shows 67% of Arizona’s voters are unaware that H.R. 1, Democrats’ effort to federalize voting laws, would overturn their state’s popular voter ID and signature verification requirements. Biden’s furious legislating is remarkable considering that Biden took office just as the country was getting back on its feet. All he had to do was to sit back and take credit for the rollout of the vaccines and rapidly recovering economy. He couldn’t even manage that.”