The mob has Minneapolis by the throat and thus Derek Chauvin cannot get a fair trial there. If evidence acquits Chauvin, and there is a tox screen and other medical/autopsy evidence in his favor, various radical groups including Black Lives Matter have let it be known Minneapolis will burn. Nobody but these groups wants that. Morries Lester Hall may also not want to see that happen and that could be why he is taking the 5th.

If he talks and tells the truth he may clear Chauvin. Thus he can’t talk or the city will burn. It’s a choice between justice for Chauvin or shutting up and watching a possibly innocent law enforcement officer be railroaded. Hall knows what he’s doing is wrong. He’s doing it anyway. Well, at least he won’t lie for the prosecution. Which was probably the initial plan.

FNC: “A key witness who was with George Floyd on the day he died has informed the court that he will invoke the Fifth Amendment if asked to testify in Derek Chauvin’s murder trial. The Hennepin County Public Defender’s Office filed a notice Wednesday on behalf of Morries Lester Hall, 42, who was in the car with Floyd when police approached him for allegedly using a fake $20 bill at Cup Foods in Minneapolis.

“Mr. Morries Lester Hall, through undersigned counsel, hereby provides notice to all parties in this matter that if called to testify he will invoke his Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination,’ said a notice filed by assistant public defender Adrienne Cousins. ‘Therefore, counsel for Mr. Hall respectfully moves this court to quash the subpoena … and release Mr. Hall from any obligations therein.’ An official said Hall initially gave a false name to officers after Floyd’s death. He then left Minneapolis and was tracked down in Texas and arrested due to outstanding warrants for felony possession of a firearm, felony domestic assault, and felony drug possession, the paper reported.”

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“I’m a key witness to the cops murdering George Floyd, and they want to know my side. Whatever I’ve been through, it’s all over with now. It’s not about me,” Hall said. A vague statement that hides the truth. An innocent man could pay for it.