On the night before his 100th day in office, President Biden gave a speech to the joint session of Congress. Since the President isn’t keen on giving public addresses, many Americans tuned in to get a better understanding of Biden and the agenda he is trying to push on the country. As per usual, it would be a Biden speech with numerous fumbles and fragmented sentences tossed in. With the complete circus that is the Democratic White House, let’s take a look at the highlights from Biden’s speech. 

First off, Biden could help himself by addressing the elephant in the room that consisted of Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi standing behind him. Given that it was the first time in history two women held those positions at once, Biden had to brag about it. It doesn’t matter that Harris has yet to visit the border or even create a plan to help curb the influx of immigrants. As for Pelosi, she is her own worst enemy when it comes to both the Republicans and Democrats. Outdated and behind the times, Pelosi proves she cares only about herself. Yet with their dismal resumes, Biden still held them to high esteem. 

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Biden also couldn’t help himself when it came to COVID-19 and the vaccine he had no part in, but according to him – he did. Either way, Biden took credit for the vaccine and the distribution phase that has seen many Americans vaccinated. He said, “A mass vaccination center in Glendale, Arizona, I asked the nurse, I said, ‘What’s it like? She looked at me she said, ‘It’s like every shot is like giving a dose of hope.'” 

But again, the facts are the vaccine was headed by former President Trump, and the distribution was practically handed to Biden from the White House. 

Continuing on with taking credit for other people’s work, Biden touched on what seems to be the endless war in Afghanistan. Before Biden even toyed with the idea of bringing the troops home, it was yet again – Donald Trump who proposed a plan to have every soldier home by this May. Instead, Biden saw it as a better PR stunt to prolong their stay until September 11th. With that in mind, Biden still said, “After 20 years of valiant valor and sacrifice, it’s time to bring those troops home.” But not before that photo op. 

Biden also went on to attack current gun laws in America only to be silenced during his speech when someone’s cell phone went off. In the end, Biden’s speech was nothing more than him taking credit and basking in the glory of being President while not have the slightest clue how to run a country.