From Minnesota to all across the country, left wing race hustler rioters looted and capered while the Biden administration fanned the flames of hatred and division. By its previous statements and silence now, Biden gives encouragement to those who use police incidents as an excuse to steal and vandalize. FNC gives us a look at the current situation around the nation.

“Minnesota police made more than 60 arrests for rioting and other offenses during protests over Wright’s death on Tuesday night in Brooklyn Center, a suburb of Minneapolis.”

“Police in Portland, Oregon declared a riot for the second night in a row Tuesday after a demonstration involving about 100 people turned unruly.”

“More than 100 people marched through Columbus, Ohio on Tuesday night to protest Wright’s death and the fatal police shooting of Miles Jackson, a 27-year-old Black man who was killed Monday following what investigators described as an “exchange of gunfire” inside a local hospital, according to The Columbus Dispatch.”

“Sacramento, California Police are investigating three reports of vandalism this morning after protesters gathered in the city last night. The crowd numbered in the dozens, FOX40 reports.”

” Videos posted on Twitter later showed a Dallas crowd chanting “we burn s— down!” and “silence is violence, why the f— are you quiet?” at customers eating outside at a restaurant. One protester appeared to kick drinks off an abandoned table. In other clips of the same group, two men appear to be holding automatic rifles.”

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Other cities were also involved. Some minor protests and some major riots ensued. All because of a rush to judgment in a tragic case of a police officer making a horrible mistake. It is obvious Officer Kim Potter made a lethal unintentional error. She has already resigned from the police force, as has her chief, and has been charged with second degree manslaughter. But how many more police shootings probably happen every day in America? How many more unintentional tragedies?


Why should incidents like this be singled out for a Black Friday-like rampage of looting and mayhem? Because a political agenda is at play here that has nothing to do with justice. Biden knows that and encourages the rioters anyway. He is virtually trying to burn down the country he was elected to serve.