Through two failed impeachment hearings, being banned from social media, and now ostracized from society, Donald Trump has remained a pillar not just to Republicans but Americans of all kinds. Time and time again, the former President has proven critics wrong when they challenge him on certain topics. Even President Biden said it would take years for a vaccine, and yet Trump delivered one in mere months. To say the least, Trump isn’t going anywhere no matter what the Democrats throw at him. 

After the debacle that was the 2020 election, many thought Trump would simply disappear and live out his days as most Presidents do. But instead, Trump is continuing to forge political alliances as he eyes a 2024 presidential nomination. And while he has yet to decide if he will be running for President again, Trump did announce that the much-loved MAGA rallies will be making a comeback as early as May.

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Even while COVID-19 forced Biden to campaign from a basement, people knew that there was no way Trump would entertain the idea of a virtual rally or the odd car rally. Instead, Trump decided to do nothing at all and ramp up his campaign efforts, drawing in thousands of voters and fans alike. 

While banned from social media, Trump finds different ways to have his voice heard in the form of podcasts. The former President interviewed with Dan Bongino on Wednesday where the topics of the future, presidential runs, and the MAGA brand came up.

While Trump remained silent on the matter of his future and the White House, he couldn’t help but smile when reminiscing on the days of campaigning and rallying thousands of people. With that, he said, “We’ll do one soon. They love the rallies.”

 Since his first rally back in 2015, Trump has not only set records when it comes to people attending but has given voters a place to express their love for America. From people waiting hours just to get a spot, there seemed little the Democrats could do to stop the icon Trump had become. Even after the election results, the Democrats and the President worry about another tussle with the man who helped build New York.