Coming off the heels of what Democrats were calling a powerful speech to Congress, President Biden was feeling great as he was set to kick off his “car rally” tour in Atlanta, Georgia. That’s the same Georgia he supported the MLB All-Star game move out of due to voting laws, costing the state roughly $100 million in revenue. Having no sense of irony, the President believed that he would be welcomed in the southern state often known for its hospitality. The only problem, Biden could get a word out without hecklers interrupting him. 

During his speech, Biden hit the usual points of his supposed “unity” agenda when a group of protesters decided to interrupt the President and start making him answer the real questions by demanding he shut down all detention centers and erase the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

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Offering to give them a mic right as the protesters were being escorted out, Biden said, “I agree with you, I’m working on it, man. Give me another five days! Folks, you all know what they’re talking about. There should be no private prisons, period. None, period! They should not exist, and we’re working to close all of them!”

If you didn’t catch that, the protesters were there wanting Biden to take action at the Southern Border, and instead, Biden goes on a separate agenda about how private prisons shouldn’t exist and to give him only one more week. 

To clarify, after the protesters were removed from the car rally, Biden did set the record straight by saying he was just teasing the group about it only taking five more days to see results. But again, Biden was still under the assumption that they were talking about private prisons and not ICE. 

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As for the protesters, one of them was able to yell, “We voted for you, too! Our families are dying” before also being escorted out. 

Since campaigning, Biden has promised a pathway to citizenship for the massive surge of immigrants crossing the border, but to date – he has done nothing but crippled the border while increasing the numbers of detention centers. Not to mention, Biden has even drawn criticism from his own party for how he’s handled the border.