Although America has always stood alongside Israel, now that Democrats control all of Washington, they find anything remotely conservative or patriotic to be racist. From canceling our nation’s history to turning away from the people of God, Democrats are ripping away at the fabric of American freedom with their liberal agenda. And if you don’t conform, you’ll be canceled. Don’t believe me – just ask Democratic mayoral candidate Andrew Yang. 

On Monday, after Palestinians attacked Israel using rockets, Yang tweeted showing support for the people of Israel. The tweet read, “The people of NYC will always stand with our brothers and sisters in Israel who face down terrorism and persevere.” 

While the tweet appeared to be doing nothing but showing support for Israel, apparently it violated the current agenda being spun by the Democratic party. Shortly after Yang wrote the tweet, the frontrunner for the June primary drew heavy criticism from his own party. Among them was AOC who called Yang’s comment “chest-thumping” while the hashtag #YangSupportsGenocide trended. 

Following the backlash, Yang deleted the tweet and rewrote it in a Democrat-approved fashion saying his volunteers “felt that my tweet was overly simplistic in my treatment of a conflict that has a long and complex history full of tragedies. And they felt it failed to acknowledge the pain and suffering on both sides. They were, of course, correct. I mourn for every Palestinian life taken before its time as I do for every Israeli. Support of a people does not make one blind to the pain and suffering of others.” 

While Yang appears to be falling back in line with the Democrats, his original pro-Israel tweet did garner positive reception among Republicans. Texas Senator Ted Cruz even tweeted, “Bravo to Yang for opposing the rabidly pro-Hamas & anti-Israel attacks from fellow Dems Omar & Tlaib.” 

But even after Yang’s correction, the damage appears to be done as a local Muslim group canceled an event with Yang to hand out food. According to a campaign spokesman, Yang is busy with briefings and preparing for the upcoming debate. His schedule also shows no public events since being confronted by pro-Palestinian activists.