In case you were wondering how a prominent Democrat feels about the police and about Jews, here is Squad member Rep. Cori Bush of Missouri to remind you. Her words are noting National Police Week. Her praise of a radical cop and Jew hater tells you exactly where she is on those subjects.

FNC: “Missouri Democratic Rep. Cori Bush praised the Black Lives Matter activist who advocated ‘death’ for police officers in 2014 and tweeted the BLM chant ‘pigs in a blanket fry ’em like bacon.’ Bush, a newly minted member of the ‘squad,’ compared the ongoing conflict in Israel and Gaza with the Black Lives Matter movement during a speech on the House floor Thursday, reflecting on the life of radical leftist Bassem Masri, who died in 2018. Bush described Masri as a ‘St. Louis Palestinian,’ noting how he garnered national attention for live streaming heated exchanges between himself and Ferguson police officers following the 2014 shooting of Michael Brown Jr.”

“As a Palestinian, he was ready to resist, to rebel, to rise up with us as our St. Louis community mourned Mike Brown, Jr.’s state sanctioned murder, and as we demanded an end to the militarized police occupation of our communities,” Bush said in an address on Thursday. “Palestinians know what state violence, militarized policing, and occupation of their communities look like…So when heavily militarized police forces showed up in Ferguson in 2014, Bassem and so many others of our St. Louis Palestinian community, our Palestinian siblings showed up too,” she continued.

Cell phone video live streamed on Oct. 8, 2014, showcased people surrounding police in St. Louis as one man yelled filthy obscenities. “Coward straight pig out here b—! You gotta go. Your life is in danger homie,” a man bellowed at a police officer. The man yelling was Masri, who then asked an officer, “What happens when we take your gun?” One wishes Masri would made the attempt there and then. Masri told police officers, “I’m praying for your death and your death and your death and your death.” The St. Louis vermin later told a local press.

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“That harassment, that extortion, that brutalization by heavily armed militarized presence in our community, that’s what we fund when our government sends our tax dollars to the Israeli military,” the Missouri congresswoman said. Her bizarre conflation of St. Louis and Israel, her racism, antisemitism, and her sheer lunacy make her a typical addition to the modern Democrat Party.