Well, well. The same people who called former president Donald Trump an idiot for naming Covid “The Chinese Virus” are now saying it very well could be a Chinese bio experiment that went horribly rogue. Intel is supposed to get back to Biden on this. But CIA has been so politicized, nothing new, they will come back with whatever they think pleases Biden. Other agencies may be more accurate.

This is what’s known as a limited roll out. The story of direct Chinese involvement is likely coming out anyway from a source the administration can’t control. So they are trying to get ahead of the disclosure by acting piecemeal and then claiming to be on top of it all along. Tucker Carlson fills in the details.

Carlson: “Biden wants you to know that he’s suddenly, a year and a half in, developed a mild curiosity about where this pandemic came from. Turns out the virus probably didn’t originate in Omaha. More than that, Joe Biden can’t say. But he’s put some of his top sleuths on it — the super spies in the so-called ‘intelligence community’— and they’ve promised to report back at some point.

Do you think Dr. Fauci has any credibility left?

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“As of today, two-thirds of Joe Biden’s spies believe the virus jumped naturally to humans from an infected animal, as viruses often do as you peruse the pangolin aisle in your local wet market. The spies who believe that are the ones who’ve never spoken to a working virologist and don’t have internet access. But, the other third, Biden told us, “leans more towards” the theory that COVID escaped from the nearby government lab in Wuhan was conducting dangerous experiments on nearly-identical bat coronaviruses at the same time. That’s a minority of spies who believe that, but they’re open to the possibility. Who knows, really.

“Either way, Biden explained, we’re going to get some answers, or at least more questions, possibly several months a from now. So rest assured, the White House is on it.  To be honest, we doubted that.  Just hours before Biden’s announcement, we learned that the White House had shut down a large, ongoing and legitimate federal investigation into the origins of the pandemic, an investigation that had been going on for months. It was being conducted by the State Department’s Bureau of Arms Control, Verification and Compliance. That’s the bureau responsible for ensuring that countries like China aren’t stockpiling deadly illegal bioweapons, such as, for example, obscure bat coronaviruses that have been manipulated in labs by military scientists to make them more transmissible in, say, New York City.” Bat coronaviruses? In New York City? Spreading disease, anarchy, and mayhem? Hmm, how would you tell it from the normal state of affairs?