Since its conception over 70 years ago, the Central Intelligence Agency or CIA has become a pillar in America. From protecting America from terrorist threats to becoming the centerpiece to spy movies and mystery novels, the CIA has grown into somewhat of a shadow government with its own set of checks and balances. While much of what goes on is completely secret, the agency recently released a recruitment video that appears more focused on being politically correct than protecting the nation’s interests. 

The video you are about to see was first uploaded to Youtube back in March, but apparently, the CIA didn’t promote it on their own Twitter until late April. Either way, the video below shows a female Latina agent who apparently identifies as a “cisgender Millenial”. And if that wasn’t enough to keep you up at night, she also admits she suffers from a generalized anxiety disorder. So, obviously, the best place for her is the CIA and that is just the start. 

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It doesn’t take long into the video before the new agent goes off the rails and begins explaining her sole existence on Earth. She says, “I am intersectional, but my existence is not a box-checking exercise. I am a walking declaration, a woman whose inflection does not rise at the end of her sentences, suggesting that a question has been asked.”

And staying with the “woke” theme, the agent also throws in some unnecessary guilt, saying”I am tired of feeling like I am supposed to apologize for the space I occupy. I am unapologetically me. I want you to be unapologetically you, whoever you are. Whether you work at CIA, or anywhere else in the world. Command your space. Mija, you are worth it.”

As you can imagine and have seen, the video quickly circulated around the internet, with top officials weighing in on the matter of national security and being progressive. Former CIA officer Bryan Dean Wright wasn’t impressed with the video, saying “The CIA used to be about mission to country. (I speak from experience). Now it’s now about demanding — and getting — accommodation to fix an emotional wound or advance a personal agenda. America is less safe with this new CIA, and dangerously more political.”

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Wright wasn’t the only one upset over the video and new direction of the CIA, Meghan McCain also weighed in on the matter saying, “This CIA recruitment video is a joke and truly embarrassing for our entire country. China, Russia and our enemies are laughing at us.”