There is more than enough going on in the country right now to keep the press busy. From the COVID-19 lab leak to the surge of immigrants crossing the border, Joe Biden has fumbled every problem he has put his hands on. And with more than enough ammunition, the press shouldn’t have an issue when it comes to questioning the President. The only problem, instead of grilling him like they did former President Donald Trump, the media appears more than fine asking Biden about his favorite ice cream – again! 

During a trip to Ohio, Joe Biden made an unexpected stop at a local shop called the Honey Hut Ice Cream in Cleveland. While it isn’t unusual for Biden to have the occasional sweet tooth, the press couldn’t help but use the time to ask the President some hard-hitting questions. One brave reporter asked, “Mr. President, what did you order?” 

Being such a hard question, it took Biden a minute to respond as it appears he forgot the flavor of ice cream he was literally holding in his hand. Finally, he responded, “Chocolate chocolate chip.” And as if he had cured COVID-19 that very instant, the media even cheered the President for his choice of ice cream. 

The unlimited love and support the media has for Biden carried over to social media as congressional reporter Hugo Lowell tweeted, “President Biden is having a chocolate chip ice cream at Honey Hut Ice Cream in Cleveland and it’s possibly the most Biden thing ever.”

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But while the liberal media fawns over Biden and what he eats, many critics were quick to point out the obvious double standard, especially when it came to the questions the press hurled at Trump. Journalist Glenn Greenwald tweeted, “Is he ever *not* adorable? Didn’t realize that role of journalists was to ‘enjoy’ the US President, though I’ve long known that that’s how they see their role and how Democrats see it when their party is in the White House.”

Even the Post’s deputy politics editor, Emma-Jo Morris, slammed the media for their handling of Biden. She wrote, “The NYP reported yesterday that Joe Biden had dinner with Hunter’s Eastern European oligarch business partners while he was VP but the corporate media would rather ask him about ice cream.” 

While the media continues to treat Biden like a child, it should be noted that Trump pointed out the media’s unconditional love for Biden during his presidential campaign. He recalled, “I go through these interviews and every question is a total kill… And this guy walks out holding ice cream and the press is out there, the fake news, and they say, ‘What kind of ice cream are you eating?’ — ‘Uh, uh, Chocolate, and I think vanilla too. Ha’ — I say why don’t they ever ask me those questions, right?”