The Black Lives Matter movement had quite the year as members protested around the country, preaching for a better tomorrow. Also, who could forget the looting, destruction of public property, and the deaths that followed in their wake? Not to mention, while their followers were busy pushing their narrative, the BLM founders were busy reaping the rewards of having millions of dollars at their disposal. And apparently, that’s just the start as dissident members of the original BLM chapters are demanding the BLM Global Network account for their lavish lifestyles. 

Problems within the movement were made public when BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors announced she would be leaving the organization in May. But this might not have been her own doing as the group’s finances were already being called into question when Cullors made her announcement. Out of all the founders, most of the reports surrounded Cullor’s outrageous spending habits. Not only did the founder buy several houses but her last purchase was a luxury LA residence listed at $1.4 million. And as if Cullors knew she would one day have to answer for her spending, she wasted another $35,000 to erect an electric fence around the entire property. 

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On Friday, a group composed of the original 10 Black Lives Matter chapters called BLM10Plus pushed for more transparency by demanding the organization open its books. In a statement, titled “Tell No Lies”, the group said that BLM did more than hide their finances, they also chose which chapters received funds and how much. “The most alarming use of official and unofficial chapters was BLMGN’s willingness to position a chapter as unofficial if the chapter did not align with their personal political interest. Chapters were often referred to as official in cities BLMGN was seeking to court prominent individuals and high visibility opportunities.”

The letter didn’t stop there as it went on to paint the organization in a deceptive light by claiming that “engagement with BLMGN was always problematic and unsupportive. We never knew who made decisions or how decision making processes were determined. Chapters had different levels of access to information based on their proximity to BLMGN leadership.”

So while saving black lives might be at the center of the organization, it appears that skimming money and buying luxury homes is their overall purpose.