In June of 2020, at the height of the Democrat’s war on Trump, the media appeared to pounce on the story that then President Trump ordered police to clear so-called peaceful protesters so he could pose for a photoshoot. With little evidence to back up their claims, the liberal media had a field day. They slandered Trump’s name, calling him a dictator, and even NPR ran a story with the headline, “Peaceful Protesters Tear Gassed To Clear Way For Trump Church Visit.” But like most narratives being driven by the media – it is completely and utterly false! 

Here are the facts: The Park Police did clear protesters from the area near Lafayette Park and St. John’s Church, but it wasn’t because of Trump. According to a report released on Wednesday by Interior Department inspector general Mark Greenblatt, the Police had already planned to clear that area in order to install more fencing. This was due to several nights of ongoing riots by the famous Black Lives Matter movement. It should be noted that the Park Police did use flash-bangs and “non-lethal” crowd-control munitions to secure the area. 

While there were stories of tear gas being used against civilians, the report again showed that only the Washington D.C. police had the authority to use tear gas when dealing with hostile groups, which BLM has been known for. 

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Still, with the report, footage, and all the facts, the Democrats and especially the media continued to push the narrative that Trump would attack his own people. The day after the photoshoot, CNN ran an article on the main page of their site claiming that peaceful protesters had been shot with “rubber bullets”. 

And who could forget about the New York Times when they claimed protesters “were hit with flash-bang explosions and doused with tear gas.” and why? “Because the president, who spent part of the weekend in a secure bunker as protests roiled, wanted to have his picture taken holding a Bible at a battered church just beyond the gates.”

But even though the truth is out, the media appeared to not care the slightest as MSNBC stood by their lies. Host Joy Reid jumped on Twitter to admit that the media somehow got it right. She claimed, “So we’ve now reached the ‘whitewash police history’ phase of our slow metamorphosis into Putinite Russia. Perfect.”