While Memorial Day is reserved for military members who have paid the ultimate price, Vice President Kamala Harris decided not to mention their sacrifice and focus more on the long weekend. Following President Biden, who tweeted out a nonchalant message about “staying cool” instead of remembering the fallen, Harris shared a picture of herself smiling with the caption, “Enjoy the long weekend”. 

As if letting America fall into despair wasn’t enough, the Democrats appear more than fine forgetting the military and especially those who have lost their lives. It should be noted that it was just a few months ago that Democrats were begging for the military to protect them from riots. But now that they were able to steal the White House, they don’t have any use for them anymore and it definitely shows. 

Following Harris’s tweet, featured below, many were quick to point out the carelessness and disregard for our military. Retired U.S. Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant Jessie Jane Duff tweeted, “This is unreal. No regard or gratitude for the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for our great nation. Could you possibly be more obtuse, @VP?”


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Another user, Arthur Schwartz not only pointed out the tone-deaf message but was sure to mention the double standard the media show towards the Biden Administration.“Comforting words to the families of those that lost loved ones in service to our country. With a picture of herself for good measure. Imagine the meltdown that @jaketapper would be having if Donald Trump tweeted this.”

Within a matter of hours, Harris’s tweet received a mountain of backlash, causing the Vice President to retract her initial statement and write a new one more focused on the true meaning of Memorial Day. 

But while Harris obviously needs to be reminded that Memorial Day is more than just a long weekend, this isn’t the first time she has blatantly disrespected the military. Back in March, Harris was caught on camera not saluting military guards before boarding Air Force Two. Former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik tweeted the video with a heated message. 

As for Harris, she appears more than happy with not honoring the military and just using the moment to focus on herself. Luckily, former President Trump released a statement not only honoring the fallen soldiers but the burden their families carry as well.