Over the weekend, while America celebrated the nation’s independence, National Public Radio (NPR) thought it was a great idea to not read the Declaration of Independence and instead rip it apart and even suggest it makes racial slurs. While NPR has always read the historic document on the July 4th weekend, this year they tweeted out a series of claims about how not all men are created equally. And although the left is praising their effort, conservatives are calling for NPR to be defunded since the radio show is, in fact, funded by the government they are now opposing. 


In a Twitter thread, NPR wrote, “245 years ago today, leaders representing 13 British colonies signed a document to declare independence. It says ‘that all men are created equal’ — but women, enslaved people, Indigenous people and many others were not held as equal at the time. The document also includes a racist slur against Indigenous Americans.”


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And that wasn’t all as NPR went on to claim the document is full of hypocrisies. “In this thread of the Declaration of Independence, you can see a document with flaws and deeply ingrained hypocrisies. It also laid the foundation for this country’s collective aspirations — the hopes for what America could be.”

Instead of reading the Declaration of Independence, NPR opted to read their tweets. A staffer even tuned in, saying “After last summer’s protests and our country attempting to confront its history, we want and need to be honest about the words in this document.”


As mentioned above, the NPR is funded by tax-payer dollars, and now those taxpayers are wanting their money back. California Republican congressional candidate Buzz Patterson blasted NPR, tweeting, “Why in the hell are American taxpayers funding this nonsense? #DefundNPR.”

Lavern Spicer, a Florida Republican congressional candidate, made a declaration of her own. “Today is a great day for America to declare its independence from NPR which is currently attacking our Constitution.”


While NPR might believe they are on the right side of history, Spectator contributor Stephen L. Miller responded by asking taxpayers if they should “continue to fund these enterprises, when they clearly focus less on educating the public, and more on pushing commentary and opinion, and now, even libel?”