Want to know how the United States under Biden is respected, how our potential enemies quake at our very existence? The Chinese Communist Party on Monday mocked American crime on the Fourth of July. Just before that, they mocked the victims of the Surfside collapse. That’s the kind of esteem we are held in. Republicans gave it back to them with knobs on. Democrats were generally silent.


FNC: “Republican lawmakers fired back after the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) state-owned media mocked the wave of violence America experienced over Independence Day weekend. Xinhua News Service, a Chinese state media outlet, attacked the surge of violence over the Fourth of July weekend in a crass political cartoon of a man firing guns over a grave marked ‘Death From Firearm’ as what appears to be two politicians celebrate the holiday. ‘How a gun-happy nation spends its #FourthofJuly weekend,’ the state media outlet captioned the picture.” It’s of the Herblock/ Branco school of political cartoons for cretins.

To make matters much worse, Li Yang, a consul general for the Chinese government in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, mocked the victims of the condo collapse in Surfside, Florida. “American-style rescue: very layman in saving people, but too expert in blasting!!!” Li wrote on Monday. “‘America is coming back!’” the CCP diplomat wrote in a tweet from July 2. “But none of the people buried in the ruins has come back!!!”

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Republicans went after the Chinese. Rep. Michael McCaul, R-TX, said the cartoon showed “just how crass and violent the Chinese Communist Party is that they have their propaganda outlets celebrating the deaths of 450 Americans over the July 4th holiday…The CCP is currently committing genocide against ethnic and religious minorities in their country and are brutally cracking down on peaceful protesters in Hong Kong who are simply crying out for freedom,” McCaul said. “Until they stop murdering and imprisoning their own people, I don’t believe anyone in the world should look to them for moral advice,” he added.


“No amount of propaganda can change the fact that the Chinese Communist Party is a murderous, genocidal regime that fears freedom, undermines democracy, destroys cultures, and betrays its people,” Senator Marco Rubio told media on Tuesday.

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, in an incisive analysis, noted Tuesday that it’s “increasingly difficult to distinguish Chinese Communist Party propaganda from the progressive left’s anti-American incitement.” Indeed.