A Democrat Georgia State Senator forgot her narrative on Monday, but quickly returned to her operant conditioning on the issue of the Georgia election reform law. That return was marked by a vicious racial insult at some voters, as the State Senator claimed they weren’t smart enough to find their proper polling place. Orval Faubus and Lester Maddox would have agreed with her.


FNC: “The Senate Rules Committee left the confines of the U.S. Capitol and went down to Georgia on Monday to hold a field hearing on the state’s new voting law, with Democrats insisting the bill is a racist measure meant to make voting more difficult for minorities.


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The Washington Post’s fact checker backed up claims of Democratic misrepresentation when they awarded President Biden a maximum four ‘Pinocchios’ for falsely stating that it ‘ends voting hours early,’ when in reality it will keep Election Day hours the same and in most cases would likely expand hours for early voting.”

Senator Jeff Merkley, D-OR, asked Democrat State Senator Sally Harrell if part of the bill dealt with having “a fair number of precincts” and a solution to the problem of long lines. She actually said, it does.

“There actually is a piece of a – a section in the bill that says that if it’s documented that people have to wait for a certain amount of time, that during the next election that precinct would be split,” Harrell acknowledged. Warning! Warning! System offline! Execute Emergency Protocol!

“Another tactic that’s been use in the past for voter suppression is the changing of precinct locations,” Harrell also said. “People are creatures of habit. They tend to, if they did something one way once they think that that’s supposed to happen the same way the next time. That’s logical. So the voting location changes … the precinct gets split, they go to where they used to vote, and wait in line, and their name’s not on the roll, so then they have to go someplace else. Or they go someplace and it’s closed, and they don’t know where to go.” My Gawd, what kind of vicious racism is it that assumes certain voters are so witless, and the issue has revolved around black voters, they can’t find the proper polling place? The kind that is practiced in the Democrat Party.