It’s not hard to see that right now, America is going through a difficult time as both political parties continue to attack the other for even the smallest stance. The left can’t get over the fact that Donald Trump was ever a President. The liberal media definitely doesn’t like the fact that their ratings have tanked since Trump left office. And their President, Joe Biden, can barely make it through a speech without tripping over his own words. While emotions are tense, this next story should be a smile on your face, no matter your affiliation. Recently, a group of shark advocates is demanding that “shark attacks” be renamed to help fight the negative outlook of these creatures, because animals have feelings too. 


First reported by the New York Post, the article stated, “Marine experts and advocates in Australia are urging the public to refrain from using the word ‘attack’ in reference to sharks, declaring that the majestic predatory fish has been unfairly stigmatized as a deliberate killer. Instead, officials have suggested that violent run-ins with sharks be dubbed with more neutral words — such as ‘interactions.’”

And while you might be laughing as there are definitely more pressing matters at hand, some scientists believe the move is both welcomed and way overdue. Nathan Hart, associate professor at Macquarie University said, “The worst thing we want is people killing a lot of sharks. Sharks don’t have hands so, if they want to explore something, they mouth it,” Hart said. “Very rarely are humans consumed by sharks.”

Dr. Pepin-Neff of the University of Sydney added that shark attacks are nothing more than a lie and the change is definitely due, adding “Many others include minor bites from small sharks – such as people stepping on wobbegongs [(bottom-dwelling sharks)] – that would not have been a predatory action on the part of the animal.” 


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Advocates hope the change in name will somehow help shark numbers from declining, saying “such as ‘attacks’ prompt people to demand culls of what are already often protected animals. Shark numbers are globally in decline because of over-fishing, pollution and the increasing impacts of climate change, including around Australia.”