The latest from Afghanistan is more bad news. The Kabul airport, a last bastion for American and allied personnel, was attacked twice Thursday morning EST. Four US Marines were killed in suicide bombings, U.S. officials say. Meanwhile, in the provinces and away from prying eyes, public executions of American allies have started.

Warnings of the attacks were numerous. FNC: “The possibility of an ‘imminent attack,’ perhaps within ‘hours,’ loomed over Kabul’s airport on Thursday, according to a British official. James Heappey, Britain’s armed forces minister, told the BBC on Thursday there was ‘very, very credible reporting of an imminent attack,’ possibly targeting the airport in Afghanistan, where tens of thousands of people have been gathering over the past two weeks in hopes of leaving the country.

A senior US official who spoke on condition of anonymity confirmed the British report, saying the threat by ISIS-K or another affiliate of a vehicle bomb or suicide bomber has been measured as ‘more likely than unlikely’ for over the last 24 hours. Other warnings in Western capitals addressed possible threats from the Afghanistan affiliate of the Islamic State group, The Associated Press reported…A former translator for a high-ranking U.S. Army Ranger in Afghanistan told Fox News Wednesday the Taliban have begun publicly executing allies of the U.S. in provinces away from the media attention of Kabul.”

Our allies knew it was coming as well. “We received information at the military level from the United States, but also from other countries, that there were indications that there was a threat of suicide attacks on the mass of people,” Belgian Prime Minister De Cross said, talking about Kabul airport. “From tomorrow evening onwards, we are not able to evacuate people from the Kabul airport,” French Prime Minister Jean Castex told RTL Radio in France. Danish Defense Minister Trine Bramsen warned: “It is no longer safe to fly in or out of Kabul.” American troops have been killed in this mess. More blood on the hands of Joe Biden.

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In full context the Afghanistan operation was a debacle. The cost of the war, including operations in Afghanistan and Pakistan? $2.31 trillion, according to figures from Brown University. And for what? To try and remake a medieval theocracy into a western style democracy? What errant foolishness. What folly. And of course, we won’t learn from it.