Even with the COVID-19 pandemic ongoing, there was one movement that was even more popular than the spreading virus – Black Lives Matter. Throughout 2020, there wasn’t a single person or voter in America that didn’t know about the movement and its neo-Marxist agenda. Claiming they were fighting for Black people all over the world who have been subject to police brutality, the movement quickly became favorable among many Americans. Following the untimely death of George Floyd, Black Lives Matter had a net support of 24 percent. But since then, the movement has been surrounded by controversy and claims of fraud, leading to a 92 percent drop. 


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With the massive drop Black Lives Matter has seen, they are currently sitting around a 2 percent approval rating. For those wondering, the movement’s approval rating hasn’t been that low since 2018. That means all the protests, riots, and looting that took place in 2020, in the name of Black lives, were basically meaningless as Americans are no longer supportive of the group. 

The survey, performed by Civiqs, asked registered voters, “Do you support or oppose the Black Lives Matter movement?” As of the latest report, the poll has gained 238,941 voters over a three-year span. But while the support for BLM has stayed consistent among many Democrats, it appears the Independents have turned their back on the movement they once supported. At its peak, 25 percent of Independent voters supported BLM in 2020. Now, they are sitting at a -8 percent. 

It should also be noted that according to The Federalist, close to 95 percent of the so-called racial justice riots seen in 2020 were performed by Black Lives Matter activists. And another 88 percent of riots actually involved activists claiming to be part of the BLM movement.


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With its founders buying houses, money mysteriously missing, and controversy around every corner, Americans are finally seeing the lies that are Black Lives Matter. While they claim they fighting for every black life, it appears they are more focused on monetary gain and fame than actually helping lift up the lives they are supposedly caring for.