Now that justice has claimed the liberal sexually abusive Democrat governor of New York, what about the liberal sexually abusive president of the United States? Tara Reade wants justice to reign there too.

Reade has credibly alleged that Joe Biden sexually assaulted her while he served in the Senate. But because she made the allegation when Biden was running for president, and all @metoo groups were focused on defeating Trump, her charges were ignored. The same people who said “all women should be believed” made an exception when the abuser was a Democrat running for president.

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However, now that Cuomo is out as governor, can Reade dare hope Biden will come under real scrutiny? Unlikely. A damaged governor is one thing. A senile president quite another.

FNC: “Tara Reade, the former Senate staffer who alleged last year that Joe Biden sexually assaulted her in 1993, weighed in Tuesday on the stunning resignation of Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo amid his sexual harassment scandal.

Reade torched Time’s Up, the organization that purportedly was meant to assist women who were subjected to sexual harassment and assault. However, it was swept up in the Cuomo scandal after revelations that co-chair Roberta Kaplan assisted Cuomo in discrediting one of his accusers.”

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“My heart is with the brave Cuomo survivors who endured attempts to discredit them like I did coming forward about Joe Biden with the help of non-profits that were supposed to help women like Time’s Up,” Reade told press. “May there be some measure of justice for the survivors. Now, let’s call for a real investigation into Joe Biden and expose the corruption protecting powerful predators…Time’s Up committed the most hideous betrayal to protect their most powerful friends and not only not protect survivors but cause harm,” Reade said.

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“The revelations and Cuomo’s resignation is a signal to the powerful men with nasty behavior that survivors’ voices will be heard and their behavior no longer rewarded. Not from a governor and not from the president of the United States,” Reade said. She added, “I hope for justice. Cuomo resigned today and Biden should also resign.”