With each passing week, reporters anxiously await President Joe Biden to make another baseless claim or outright forget what he is even talking about. Since taking office, Biden has taken a stance against the energy industry, most commonly – oil. But, as many Americans have witnessed firsthand, Biden’s war on oil has caused gas prices to soar all over the country. Now, with his approval rating plummeting, Biden has surprisingly called for OPEC to actually produce more oil to help climbing prices of gas. 


Having followed President Biden since he took office, Salena Zito, a reporter for the Washington Examiner, was shocked when she heard the president had called for more oil to be produced. Appearing on  Tucker Carlson Tonight, Zito said, “The energy industry in the United States has been one of the most robust sectors in our economy, leading right before the pandemic, we produced more oil than any other country in the world and we were self-sufficient in that area.”

At least that was the case until Biden started his own personal war against oil companies. For those that might not know, Biden actually called for the U.S. to limit its production of oil only to again ask OPEC to ramp up production. 

Zito also pointed out how many jobs are created each year by the oil and gas industry. “Not only was that a job creator, and not only just directly within the energy industry but also the downstream industries that support it and the communities that then thrive on it and the school districts that benefit from it. But it also was very important in national security, which is why I thought it was curious today the national security head was telling, essentially begging the OPEC countries to produce more oil.”


Are you embarrassed to have Joe Biden as America's "President"?

Even with the facts in front of him, Zito said that Biden continued to wage war knowing it would eventually come to hurt Americans. “The energy industry, Joe Biden has put his foot on the next since day one and there is no exaggeration in that statement, from his executive orders on the Keystone Pipeline to halting and/or pausing production on federal lands with fracking in New Mexico and also oil production in Louisiana, he has impacted lives, American lives profoundly right there.”