Each morning Americans wake up, they are bombarded with a new set of videos and stories surrounding Afghanistan. While it is no laughing matter that thousands of American citizens and U.S. allies are stuck behind Taliban territory, President Joe Biden joked with a reporter who asked about the August 31st deadline. Instead of answering the question, the president scuffed, “You’ll be the first person I call.” And while Biden remains behind closed doors, his press secretary Jen Psaki appears to be taking the heat for his blunders. 


During the latest press conference, Fox News’ Peter Doocy questioned Psaki about why President Biden would joke about the situation in Afghanistan. He asked, “What’s so funny?” 

Appearing almost surprised that Doocy would be asking such a pointed question to her, Psaki tried her best to stick with just talking about the evacuation.

“I think what he conveyed is that he has not — well, what I can convey from here, I should say is that, as he stated yesterday and as the secretary of state just stated, we’re on track to complete our mission by August 31st.”

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Psaki was sure to add, “Obviously there are discussions, and the president received a briefing just this morning — as I noted, he asked yesterday for contingency plans and he received a briefing on them this morning. These are incredibly serious issues and they are discussions that are happening internally.”

Again, like most Americans, reporters were left in the dark as to where the President stands when it comes to the upcoming pull-out date. Just a few days ago, Biden discussed an extension only to receive a “threat” from a Taliban spokesperson. Happening all within a matter of 48 hours, the Biden Administration confirmed it would stick with its original August 31st date. 


It should also be noted, at the time of Biden’s joke about Afghanistan, the bombing at the Kabul airport had not happened yet. As of now, the bombing has killed 12 U.S. service members and close to 60 citizens.