Many doctors disagree on how well the COVID jabs work, but the so-called experts keep pushing to inject more and more people with the experimental jabs.

The number of vaccine adverse events reported since they rolled out the COVID ones is almost unbelievable.


If Big Media were legitimate news, they’d be all over these numbers.

Just look at this chart. The number of deaths from the jabs compared to all other vaccines is astronomical.


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Interviewer: And so maybe could you comment on, like, are there are the normal risks and rewards being weighed for these vaccines? And for COVID-19 in general, I mean, everything in life is an evaluation of risk and reward.

Dr. Maria Huber: The thing is that there are so, I can only say, so, little kids rarely get COVID-19 infection. And even if they get it, they have rarely symptoms. Okay? So when you think about kids with COVID-19, like with a positive PCR test, and maybe they have symptoms, most of the time they don’t have symptoms, and then you give them an injection, that is totally experimental medication. It’s not like a vaccine that we had before. It’s an experimental medication, nothing more because as I told you, there were the mRNA vaccine trials on animals, and they never got through the animal studies to the human studies until SARS CO V2 pandemic. So it’s a big problem, and when you see, like, films from doctors from America, and they send it to doctors in Austria, where you see kids with neurologic logical conditions, where they have like cramps and convulsions and stuff, and you know, already from the adult trials that this can happen. You think, Wow, what’s going on? Okay, these adults got this side effect from the vaccine, but now there’s like a 13-year-old boy with the same condition. And neurologists say, Woah, we don’t know what that is. Okay? So when you compare kids not having really a risk to die from COVID-19, and then you see a kid with a severe reaction to the vaccine. You have to say, stop, stop. We don’t have enough data. And as soon as the cases of myocarditis came up, they are official in VAERS, in the European system, in the Great Britain side effects system. They are there. You should say no, stop. Too many cases of myocarditis. But they’re not stopping the vaccine.

That was just one juicy little excerpt from a more extended interview.


You can watch the full interview here:

This piece was written by Zach Heilman on September 19, 2021. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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