The State Department and Pentagon top brass have not only been useless in helping still trapped Americans get out of Afghanistan, they have been an actual hindrance. They’re like FEMA after Hurricane Katrina. This, as they tell us that the Taliban are behaving pragmatically and businesslike. Are they?


FNC: “Gen. Kenneth McKenzie — who reportedly turned down an offer from the Taliban that would have allowed the US military to secure Kabul in the final weeks before the withdrawal deadline — described the Taliban’s conduct as ‘very pragmatic and very businesslike’ in helping to secure government facilities.

The man recalled being told by the State Department to go to the Interior Ministry in Kabul, where he was confronted by a Taliban guard. After the man explained the situation, the Taliban fighter responded: ‘Go and tell the State Department to f— themselves.’ ” How’s that for pragmatic and businesslike?

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Someone desperately trying to leave Afghanistan tells of a phone call with a State Department representative in Kabul. “He goes, ‘Oh my god, shooting.’ And I said, ‘Please get away from there, go get to safety,’” an American refugee recalled to the Washington Examiner. “His phone cut off while I could hear gunshots going off, and I couldn’t get in touch with him again.” Reacting to State Department and Defense Department incompetence, Rep. Michael Waltz, R-FL, said Biden’s crisis in Afghanistan will make President Jimmy Carter’s 1979 Iran Hostage Crisis “look like a sleepover.”


Sean Hannity piled on. “The federal government still do[es]n’t know exactly how many of our fellow Americans are actually trapped in Afghanistan. I’m hearing estimates as high as a thousand, maybe more. There’s no plan whatsoever to get them out. There’s no military help, there’s no diplomatic help and they’re even saying you’re on your own, our own State Department – no extraction efforts.” Foggy Bottom has just abandoned them. Not even a charade of an effort to gain plausible deniability. Hundreds, maybe thousands, of Americans are veritable hostages of a radical Islamist regime and all Biden and his national security bureaucrats can do are wring their hands and say nice things about the Taliban. It is almost unbelievable. But then, we sadly live in unbelievable times.