Through COVID-19, mask mandates, lockdowns, and the Democrats pushing the vaccine on the American people, it seemed that sports had taken one of the hardest hits of all. Practically overnight, college football fans watched as their stadiums were left vacant through the 2020 season. With top officials like Dr. Anthony Fauci and even President Joe Biden warning of the dangers of these so-called “super spreader” events, there was even discussion of canceling yet another season of sports. And as you might have witnessed over the weekend, college football made its triumphant return with not only record-setting attendance but those fans that attended had some words for President Biden. 


Instead of talking about the games this weekend or the top plays, most outlets, including ESPN, couldn’t get over the fact of how many people actually showed up. Again, this was not only the first weekend for college football but there were also some top games. One of the most notable was the University of Georgia versus c. In somewhat of an upset, UGA was able to defeat the Tigers and kick their season off with a win. Not to mention, there are already talks about another trip to the National Championship. 

While over a million fans packed stadiums across the country, some being rivals, several games had a running theme – their fans chanted their disdain for President Biden, his administration, and the circus surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. Again, at more than one game, fans were filmed chanting “F**K Joe Biden!”

The chant first started, as you can see in the video below, at the Coastal Carolina football game. Again, packed to capacity with fans, students, and teachers, it appeared that college football was finally back. There was no fake fan noise or empty seats, just thousands of Americans showing their love for sports. And their disdain for government. 

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But again, it wasn’t just one game. The chant “F**K Joe Biden!” was reiterated across three other games on opening weekend. Thanks to Old Row Sports, who uploaded videos of the chants spanning several conferences, it appears Biden isn’t as popular as he was hoping to be. While the chant started at the Carolina game, it was adopted by Auburn, Texas A&M, and Virginia Tech. It should also be noted that these are the only games with footage. With the week still young, there is still plenty of time for more videos to appear on the internet. But until then, check out the videos below to get a grasp of how young voters view their POTUS.