What would often sum up a president’s entire term, appears to happen to President Joe Biden in the span of a week. Literally in the span of 7 days, the Biden administration has faced over 15,000 illegal immigrants flooding the border, an FDA panel rejected COVID-19 booster shots for the public, and the Pentagon reporting a tragic incident that led to a drone strike that killed 10 Afghanistan civilians, including 7 children. But while the problems continue to stack up, President Biden saw this weekend as no better time than to take some much-needed vacation. 


Taking note of the drone strike, the White House first reported the strike as a huge success for their fight on terror. It was only later reported that the strike did not kill ISIS members. Former Press Secretary for Donald Trump tweeted, “So the U.S. drone strike did NOT kill any ISIS-K but did kill 10 innocent civilians, including 7 children. Unbelievable. The Biden administration is a sad, tragic mess and an utter embarrassment on the world stage!” 

As for the Southern border, Fox News’s Bill Melugin visited Del Rio over the weekend, witnessing the thousands of migrants firsthand. He said, “This situation has completely spiraled out of control. We got here two days ago. It has only gotten significantly worse. Honestly, it’s just stunning to witness what we’re watching here on this river because we’ve been here for two hours now, almost two hours, and this line of people hasn’t stopped.”

Between the Southern border crisis, the disaster in Afghanistan, and his lack of transparency, the newest polls show that President Biden’s job approval has sunk to a dismal 42%. 


Are you embarrassed to have Joe Biden as America's "President"?

Quinnipiac University polling analyst Tim Malloy discussed Biden’s slumping numbers, saying, “If there ever was a honeymoon for President Biden, it is clearly over. This is, with few exceptions, a poll full of troubling negatives … from overall job approval, to foreign policy, to the economy.”

But as mentioned above, while it appears that America is crumbling around him, President Biden opted to travel to a Delaware beach to relax for a long weekend.