It’s very amusing to see the Left go after the Left. In this case it’s the wacky race hustling Left and climate crybabies criticizing the dazed and confused chief executive because they don’t think he’s Chicken Little enough on climate, the rainforest/jungle, or lord knows on what other manias that issue forth from the fever swamps they call their brains. Biden will ignore them and, after some more vandalism, they’ll go home with their slow news day 15 minutes of fame well intact.

FNC: “Left-wing climate protesters hit the D.C. streets Monday, vandalizing a statue of former President Andrew Jackson and swarming the White House while warning President Biden to take their demands seriously. The Build Back Fossil Free coalition took to the DC streets Monday with their five-day-long protest’s aim to spur action by the Biden administration against climate change, mainly by declaring a national emergency and ending projects involving fossil fuels.

Siqiñiq Maupin, director of coalition core member the Sovereign Inupiat for a Living Arctic, told Fox News in a Monday email statement that the protest was happening because they believe Biden needs to follow through on his campaign promises.” Here is a graphic example of their eloquence.

“People are dying right now from the pollutants, the toxins, the climate catastrophes that are happening — and we have to stop the harm,” the clearly heap big miffed squaw wrote. “Biden’s election was riding on climate change; his entire election hinged on turning out people of color and Indigenous people.”

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Not in the slightest. He won because he convinced enough members of the white working class to abandon Trump. Minorities were already in the bag for Biden and North American Indians are not a voting bloc that matters. As someone who descends from South American Indians, I say that with great relief and bemusement.

“But when it really comes to what matters, our lives are still being sacrificed for oil and gas,” Maupin continued. “That’s why we’re here today.” Really? If your lives are being sacrificed then just how did you make it to DC? Are you in other than corporeal form? Did the Great Spirit buy you a plane ticket? Dear God, where is the 7th Cavalry when you need them?

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