If CNN doesn’t want to pay out potentially hundreds of millions of dollars to the victims of serial sexual harasser Chris Cuomo it has to put a lot of distance between Fredo and the network. They are very ready to do that.

Word on the street is that they will claim Coumo was so covert in his harassment that CNN could not have known. Weak defense, as there are reports that they did know for some time. Better strategy? Settle out of court.

FNC: “CNN faces a potential onslaught of lawsuits if it is proved in court that the liberal network had prior knowledge of sexual misconduct allegations against its recently fired star anchor Chris Cuomo but looked the other way, attorneys told FOX Business.

Benjamin Eghbali, CEO of the California-based law firm Eghbali, said scandal-plagued CNN could be on the hook for “seven figures” unless it successfully distances itself from Cuomo, who until recently hosted the network’s most-watched program, ‘Cuomo Prime Time.’

Eghbali, who has argued on behalf of victims in ‘hundreds’ of sexual harassment cases, said Cuomo’s situation will be held to a similar standard as the allegations against Harvey Weinstein.”

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“They’re going to try to push the blame completely on Chris Cuomo, and say they had no knowledge,” Eghbali said. “So, the plaintiff’s job is going to be to show that there was some sort of knowledge on CNN’s side and they looked the other way … If they cannot prove that burden, then they will not be able to hold CNN responsible.”

Karen Agnifilo, former chief assistant district attorney at the Manhattan D.A.’s office, now with the firm Geragos & Geragos, comments, “I think [Gov. Cuomo’s] brother should do the Cuomo playbook: ‘We hugged, we kissed, we’re affectionate. It’s how we were raised,'” Agnifilo said. “CNN will have to turn over things like emails and employee files and other discovery-related documents. And then people will have to sit for depositions and interrogatories, and depending on what comes out in all that will depend on whether they had knowledge or didn’t have knowledge. All that stuff comes out in the course of civil litigation, or they settle and it never comes out.”