Peter Doocy does it again. He’s got Psaki’s number.

This time, he asks her a question about one of the things that Joe Biden said during to 2020 debates leading up to the election.

Doocy asks a fact-based question, and Psaki responds with lies and deflections in an attempt to somehow blame Donald Trump.

We shouldn’t be surprised by this as it seems that the blame game is just about all the Biden Regime has when it comes to explaining their own ineptitude.


Peter Doocy: A lot of talk about the first Trump Biden debate today. But at the second one, in 2020, when roughly 220,000 Americans had already died of COVID. Joe Biden said about Trump, anyone who was responsible for that many deaths should not remain as President of the United States of America. Is that still the standard now that more Americans have died under President Biden than President Trump?

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Jen Psaki: I think the fundamental question here is what are you doing to save lives and protect people? And the former president was suggesting people inject bleach. He apparently reportedly didn’t even share with people he was going to interact with that he had tested positive for COVID himself. He continued to provide a forum for misinformation, which probably led to people not getting not taking steps for it to get to protect themselves to wear a mask to eventually get vaccinated. This President has made the vaccine widely available. He’s relied on the health, the advice of his health, and medical experts, and he is trying to be a part of solving this crisis, getting the pandemic under control. And I think there’s a pretty stark difference between their approaches.

In other words, a non-answer and complete deflection to shift blame away from the Biden Regime.

Fewer and fewer people trust anything that comes out of Psaki’s mouth as the truth.

Fortunately for her and unfortunately for the people, she’s got Big Media, Big Tech, and Big Pharma on her side to protect her misinformation. At the same time, they suppress and ban factual information that goes against their narratives.

The people are calling it all out in the comment sections of this video…

“He never ever said to inject bleach. She is such a lying piece of crap.”

“Twisting Trump’s words and spreading more misinformation again, Peppermint Patty!”

“Trump never told people to inject bleach. The media did. He was referring to an experimental form of treatment. He cut through all the red tape (warp speed) to get the vaccines ready in record time. The same vaccines that Biden/Harris said they’d never take (if Trump made them) and that they’re now claiming all the credit for. lying sacks of crap, the lot of them!”

“Does Psaki even realize just how many MILLIONS of her fellow Americans hate her to such a degree that they wouldn’t even piss on her if she were on fire? Does she know the perilous position that she’s not only put herself in but her entire family? She’s NOT stupid, so she’s got to have an idea of just how much she’s HATED by her fellow Americans. Yes, fully HATED! She has nobody to blame for this but HERSELF! She’s chosen to stay aligned with these LYING PSYCHOPATHS that she publicly defends every day — as though it’s a GOOD THING that she’s doing — All for just a PAYCHECK! I would STRONGLY URGE HER to immediately look for another line of work because as things stand right now, she’s just like that lone violin player on the top deck of the Titanic — and I’m not seeing any remaining lifeboats sitting around, reserved for her Peppermint Patty ass to jump into in the last seconds of the entire ship sinking!!”

“She has NO ANSWERS to anything except to blame Trump Sorry you corrupt, incompetent POS lousy WH spokesperson, but no one believes a thing you say!!!”

“Accepting responsibility is not part of their identity. If they blame Trump, the orange man bad fans will support them.”

“When you only understand things at an 8th-grade level, this woman makes sense. This regime is playing on this fact.”

This piece was written by Zach Heilman on December 2, 2021. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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