Anthony Blinken is likely, given Biden’s mental incapacity, in charge of US foreign policy. As such, he is in a no win situation.

There is no way any direct military action by the United States in Ukraine can succeed. The logistical hurdle is too high, not to mention the chance of tripping on the escalation ladder. Blinken and Putin know this.

But we must act or take a tremendous strategic defeat. Blinken is trying to walk that tightrope.

FNC: “U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Sunday dodged a question about whether there was ‘any scenario’ in which U.S. troops would be deployed to defend Ukraine, saying that U.S. and European allies are looking at ‘practical and important’ responses to Russian aggression in the region.

The U.S. and NATO remain at a diplomatic impasse with Russia as the Kremlin has yet to make any moves in dismantling its 100,000-strong troop buildup along Ukraine’s border. The U.S. delivered its first shipments of promised ‘lethal aid’ to Ukraine Friday night, including around 200,000 pounds of ammunition and weapons for frontline defenders.”

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“Do you see any scenario in which more U.S. service members become involved here?” CNN’s Dana Bash asked Blinken on “State of the Union.”

“One of the things that we’ve been very clear about,” he said, “besides the massive economic financial consequences that would befall Russia if it further commits aggression against Ukraine, is the ongoing continued buildup of defense capacity in Ukraine and equally continuing to build up NATO’s defensive capacities, including on the so-called Eastern flank, the countries near Russia.

“The alliance is looking at very practical and important measures that it would take in the event of further Russian aggression,” he said.

Blinken said he told the Russians, “You can choose the path of diplomacy that can lead to peace and security or the path that will lead only to conflict, severe consequences, and international condemnation.”

Pentagon spox John Kirby wouldn’t say whether the U.S. forces would cut and run, as in Afghanistan, in the event of a Russian attack. He said “force protection remains paramount in our minds” and “we will make all the appropriate and proper decisions to make sure our people are safe in any event.” Yup, we’ll run, again.