Gettr is once again drawing ire over censorship concerns, after the platform reportedly banned prominent black conservative Jon Miller for him reportedly using the “n-word” on the platform.

The social media platform Gettr, which has seen a rapid adoption after popular podcaster Joe Rogan announced he’d be signing up, has been getting some harsh criticism for seemingly going back on their promise to be a free speech platform.

On January 10th, following his account suspension from Gettr, Jon Miller took to Twitter to announce how he’d been banned – highlighting at the time that he wasn’t even sure why he had been since he hadn’t even made any posts yet on the platform.

“The “free speech” frauds at [Gettr] have suspended me for no reason. I didn’t even use it. I had no posts. Guess I was too critical of them for suspending others? What does it say when the 1st platform to ban me is the one that sells itself as the free speech alternative?”

It didn’t take long for Gettr’s ostensibly controversial communications director Ebony Bowden to respond to Miller on Twitter, saying his account was suspended because he dared to use the “N-word” on his profile.

“You’re a liar [Jon Miller]. You did use our platform, and you included the N-word in your profile, a clear violation of our terms of service. GETTR does defend free speech but we’ve got no room for racial slurs. Bye.”

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It’s hard not to see the confusing nature of that very response from Bowden, in that Gettr proclaims to “defend free speech” while in that same breath Bowden claims that Getter doesn’t tolerate “racial slurs” – which are sort of a package deal when it comes to defending actual free speech.

Not to mention, since it bears relevance, others online and Miller himself have been pointing out the absurdity of banning a black individual from a free speech platform for using the “n-word” considering that the term serves as a sort of colloquial within various sects of the black community.

Miller responded to Bowden directly when she explained why he was banned from Gettr, highlighting the aforementioned notion.

“Wow a black man can’t even refer to his own people freely if it makes a patronizing white woman mad! We ADOPTED that word as a term of ENDEARMENT because of racist Democrats (slave owners) like you.”

Miller calling out Bowden as a Democrat isn’t without good reason, as prior to her being onboarded at Gettr, she was an outspoken critic of former President Trump and had expressed in 2017 that she wished she could “live in the alternative universe where” Hillary Clinton was elected president in 2016.

Bowden has since claimed that she had a political change of heart since coming to the United States from Australia in 2018, saying, “I published these tweets before I moved to America, learned a lot about this great country, and changed my political views. People can and should be open to changing their opinion, and we should not rush to cancel them.”

This piece was written by Gregory Hoyt on January 12, 2022. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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