Although HLN is owned by the CNN parent company Turner Broadcasting Systems, they found themselves in an awkward situation on Wednesday when a weatherman decided to completely bash Virginia Governor Ralph Northam for his weak leadership that left hundreds stranded on 1-95. 

The meteorologist, Bob Van Dillen, didn’t hold back when it came time for the cameras to be on him. Knowing that it was Gov. Northam who said there was only going to be a few inches of snow, Dillen said, “Who’s the jackass that said that? We had it pegged for like three days (in) advance. You knew it was going to be a lot of snow. We were adding to it. Six to eight was the forecast, and they got about an extra four. Shut up, dude.”

In the video above, Dillen continued to blast Northam, adding, “That pisses me off. I got to just be honest with you. When people say that, ‘Oh, we didn’t know it was coming,’ yeah you did.”

Still, Governor Northam defended his stance not to declare a state of emergency or call in the National Guard. “We all need to be clear that this was an incredibly unusual event.”

Among those trapped on 1-95, Democrat’s own Sen. Tim Kaine was stuck on the road for 27 hours. “I was trying to get up to D.C. for a voting rights meeting, I’m working on voting rights issues, and the meeting was at 8:00, and I wanted to do it in-person. It’s turned into what will end up being a 27 or 28-hour ordeal, unlike anything I have ever seen.”

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This piece was written by Zach Heilman on January 6, 2022. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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