Ivan is at a standstill. He can’t go on and he can’t retreat. His invasion has become his own trap.

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FNC: “One military expert believes Russian President Vladimir Putin is running out of steam in his war against Ukraine and said Russian forces are quickly losing morale.

In a little over a month, Russia has lost an estimated 7,000 to 15,000 troops, according to a senior NATO official. As of March 17, Russian forces have lost over 230 of their heavily armored tracked vehicles, according to the Wall Street Journal. Ukraine’s government believes the amount of equipment lost by Russian forces is much higher and estimates that more than 400 Russian tanks have been destroyed, according to the report.”

They just can’t go on as is. They are at a culminating point. Michael Ryan, former deputy assistant secretary of defense for European and NATO Policy says a culminating point is when an army runs out of supplies, saying “it just reaches the limit.”

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“Most military observers and very senior American army generals believe that the Russian army reached a culminating point. A significant aspect of that is the losses that they’ve sustained,” Ryan said.

“In any event, [Russian losses are] significant from the standpoint of their ability to achieve their aims,” Ryan said. “It also has a significant impact on morale, and I think the Russian military started with very low morale at this operation.

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“They were out in the field for a very long time. It seems most of them didn’t know they were going to war. And they certainly didn’t expect to be going into that type of battle that they’ve gone into. They weren’t well prepared for it. They’re not executing well, and they’re not well supplied,” Ryan said.

“Ukrainians are being very, very savvy about how they attack the Russian army,” Ryan said. “The vehicles they’ve destroyed and the people that they’ve killed. You see the number of colonels killed, it has been significant. They’re really creating chaos and confusion inside the Russian army, which means the numbers are even more important than they seem because of the specific targets the Ukrainians have been selecting.”