In the fun house mirror of a society we live in, criminals are honored by governments and heroes are disparaged. The Kenosha City Commission is trying just that over the Rittenhouse case. But one man is fighting them.

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FNC: “The five-person Kenosha Parks Commission in Kenosha, Wisconsin, tabled a proposal Monday that would have placed a memorial tree and plaque in a city park to honor one of the men Kyle Rittenhouse shot.

Several Kenosha residents showed up at the heated meeting to voice their opposition to the memorial for Anthony Huber, who is seen on video chasing Rittenhouse and swinging a skateboard at him before Rittenhouse shot him in the chest on Aug. 25, 2020.

Huber’s girlfriend Hannah Gittings requested on April 5 that a memorial marker be placed in Huber’s memory at a flowering dogwood in Anderson Park, according to public documents attached to the committee’s agenda reviewed by Fox News Digital.”

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“I know you don’t want to hear it, and you want to slam the gavel like a lunatic,” former alderman Kevin Mathewson told current Kenosha alderman Eric Haugaard. “Doesn’t change what you did was wrong.” Mathewson accuses Haugaard of trying to sneak an honor for Huber into city policy. When Mathewson detailed his charges Haugaard tried to cut off his renarks.

“They have all spoken publicly against Kyle Rittenhouse,” Mathewson said of the Kenosha City Commission. “They think that he shouldn’t have been out there, and it was terrible that he shot these poor innocent people who are just protesting police brutality.” In fact, Huber was part of a crowd of Antifa terrorists running amok in Kenosha. He got what he deserved after attacking Rittenhouse.

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“I think those five members want the tree and the plaque to go up, but they don’t want the ramifications from the voters,” said Mathewson, who said that by tabling the proposal instead of voting it down, the council will attach it to another item and pass it later when no one is paying attention.

“That’s happened before many times with a variety of things in the city of Kenosha and probably every city around the country,” he said. “It’s just a trick. It’s politicking.”

“It’s unprecedented what happened to our city a couple of summers ago,” Mathewson said. “And to memorialize a man who lived a life of violence and crime, and who was one of the ones contributing to the rioting and looting is just unfathomable…It was offensive to the city of Kenosha taxpayers even to consider it,” he added. He is spot on. It’s Rittenhouse who needs to be honored, not Huber.