Cultural issues can resonate across party lines and polling shows most Democrats want women’s sports to be played only by women. A Republican Olympian from Colorado may ride that issue to the Senate.

FNC: “Colorado statewide races have trended Democratic since 2006, with the lone exception of Cory Gardner’s U.S. Senate victory in 2014, but a Republican running for Senate this year told Fox News Digital that the transgender sports issue – best typified by NCAA swimming champion Lia Thomas – may prove vital in turning this mostly blue state red in the 2022 midterm election.

Eli Bremer, a former Olympian who joined the effort to reform the U.S. Olympic Committee in the wake of the Larry Nassar sexual abuse scandal, said the transgender sports issue can flip the tables on Democrats’ ‘war on women’ rhetoric. He faulted Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colo., for not getting involved in the effort to pass the reform bill S. 2330, even though Bennet serves as the co-chair of the Congressional Olympic and Paralympic Caucus. A spokesperson for Bennet’s U.S. Senate office contested the claim that Bennet insufficiently fought for women after the Nassar scandal, noting that Bennet voted (in a voice vote) for S. 2330 and pointing to a separate bill the senator cosponsored at the time.”

“This is a lethal issue for Michael Bennett because historically Democrats have said that Republicans are the ones who don’t stand up for women, but the tables are completely turned now,” Bremer told press. “I am a Republican who helped lead the efforts to end sexual abuse in the Olympics, and now I’m leading on this issue.

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“I think most Democrats know this is wrong,” Bremer told media. “The Left is looking more and more absurd when they come out and say Lia Thomas has no advantage. You can’t deny that a biological male has an advantage, especially post-pubescent…I will say that federal legislation should be based on biology, not identity,” the candidate said.

“I feel very comfortable in saying that while there’s a lot of support for people who are transitioning, there’s just not the same support for hurting little girls in sports,” Jon Caldara, president of the Independence Institute, a Colorado-based think tank, told press. “This is an unfair competition. Lia Thomas – the guy was something like 440th in the nation as a young man and number 1 as someone who identifies as a woman.”

“For people who say they’re concerned for equity, there’s no equity in that,” Caldara added. “That’s just cruel. It’s anti-female. I think girls deserve to have their own sports, and I think most of Colorado does, too.”