For a country that has held itself up as a paragon of good during WWII, or what it terms the “Great Patriotic War” against the Nazis, it is ironic indeed that their military behavior in Ukraine is mimicking the WWII Hun in almost every way except tactical prowess.

The worst imitation, the atrocities. On the ground and in indiscriminate bombing, the Russians have shown themselves to actually be the dumb brutes of Western caricature. A country that can’t produce a decent car, a wearable suit of clothes, or a film under five hours, now displays all the military honor, public affairs acumen, and sense of decency of a Waffen SS unit.

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For such actions Putin and his coterie will pay. It may not be by war crimes trials, but rather by an internal reckoning. Either way, they have already committed enough atrocities in Ukraine to again blot the Russian copybook for a century.

FNC: “The bodies of more than 900 civilians have been discovered in the region surrounding the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv following Russia’s withdrawal — most of them fatally shot, police said Friday, an indication that many people were ‘simply executed.’

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The jarring number emerged shortly after Russia’s Defense Ministry promised to step up missile attacks on Kyiv in response to Ukraine’s alleged assaults on Russian territory. That ominous warning followed the stunning loss of Moscow’s flagship in the Black Sea, which a senior U.S. defense official said Friday was indeed hit by at least one Ukrainian missile. Amid its threats, Moscow continued preparations for a renewed offensive in eastern Ukraine. Fighting also went on in the pummeled southern port city of Mariupol, where locals reported seeing Russian troops digging up bodies. In the northeastern city of Kharkiv, shelling of a residential area killed seven people, including a 7-month-old child, and wounded 34, according to regional Gov. Oleh Sinehubov.”

Andriy Nebytov, the head of the Kyiv’s regional police force said, “Consequently, we understand that under the (Russian) occupation, people were simply executed in the streets,” Nebytov said.

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President Zelenskyy commented, “The occupiers think this will make it easier for them to control this territory. But they are very wrong. They are fooling themselves,” Zelenskyy said. “Russia’s problem is that it is not accepted — and never will be accepted — by the entire Ukrainian people. Russia has lost Ukraine forever.”