With the 2022 midterm election right around the corner, the Democrats have ramped up their efforts to gain support as the GOP is currently predicted to win. But while the Democrats might be hoping to cause an upset this November, it appears that there continues to be fighting amongst party members. More specifically, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently jumped on Twitter, as she is known to do, and completely attacked Representative Henry Cuellar and her own party for not supporting attorney Jessica Cisneros in the runoff election. What makes AOC’s criticism so interesting is that Rep. Cuellar is a Democrat. 

During the runoff election on Tuesday, Cisneros hoped to beat Cuellar, who has caused some waves in the Democratic party for being what they refer to as a moderate Democrat. Either way, as the votes were counted, only 175 votes separated the two. And even with mail-in ballots needing to be counted, a potential recount, and Cisneros not conceding, AOC still voiced her frustration with her own party with millions of people on Twitter. She wrote, “On the day of a mass shooting and weeks after news of Roe, Democratic Party leadership rallied for a pro-NRA, anti-choice incumbent under investigation in a close primary. Robocalls, fundraisers, all of it. Accountability isn’t partisan. This was an utter failure of leadership.” 

For those who might not know, Cuellar has served in Congress for the last 17 years. Getting his start in 2005, the Democrat has been incredibly critical of the Biden administration. That on top of his anti-abortion stance and “A” rating from the National Rifle Association, and it is easy to see why AOC was so upset. She continued, “TX28 is an extremely close race. If Cuellar wins, leadership’s decision to go to the mat for a pro-NRA incumbent will be the reason why. If Cisneros pulls it out, they will have mobilized against a badly needed grassroots for Nov & fought against a historic victory.”

Supporting AOC’s agitation toward Cuellar, both Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders spoke against their fellow Democrat. Warren noted, “We don’t need a member of Congress with a top-rating by the NRA to block any gun safety legislation, or someone who votes against Roe v. Wade. We need someone like Jessica.”

Sanders added he was sad his party worked “alongside a corporate PAC to defeat a young woman who is a strong progressive … in support of the most reactionary Democrat in the U.S. House.”