While Roe v. Wade has taken center stage even without an official ruling, the Democrats, who control D.C., have moved to protect abortion by presenting the Women’s Health Protection Act. Although it was introduced by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, just hours before the vote was to take place, Democrat Senator Joe Manchin revealed that he would be voting against the bill. 

Speaking with reporters on his decision, as can be seen below, Senator Manchin admitted, “The bill we have today to vote on, the Women’s Health Protection Act, and I respect people who support it — but make no mistake, it is not Roe v. Wade codification. It’s an expansion. It wipes 500 — 500 state laws off the books — it expands abortion. And with that, that’s not where we are today. We should not be dividing this country further than we’re already divided.”

The Senator added, “It’s really — the politics of Congress that’s dividing the country, it’s not the people. They — they’re telling us what they want. And it’s just disappointing that we’re going to be voting on a piece of legislation that I will not vote for today.”

Joining Manchin, every Republican including Senator Susan Collins voted against the bill as well. Collins stated, “It supersedes all other federal and state laws, including the conscience protections that are in the Affordable Care Act. It doesn’t protect the right of a Catholic hospital to not perform abortions. That right has been enshrined in law for a long time.” 

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As Schumer already knew, on Wednesday, the bill failed to pass with a 51-49 majority. 

After the vote, many liberals like actress Nancy Lee Grahn attacked Manchin on Twitter. She wrote, “How does the WHPA go too far? Make him explain what that means. He’s full of s—. #Manchin has already become a multi millionaire from getting paid off with Republican oil & Pharm money so he doesn’t need a job. But after ’25 he’ll NEVER sit his lying A– in our Congress again, & will go down as one of the greatest impediments to Democracy in modern history.”