Before the 2020 Presidential election, major news outlets like CNN, MSNBC, and even CNBC ran smear campaigns against former President Donald Trump. Apparently, it didn’t matter that most of the accusations hurled at Trump were unfounded, the media still did their part by reporting it without little thought to the facts.

After the 2020 election, when Joe Biden entered the White House, the media tried their best to present him as the man America needed. But with each press conference, slurred speech, and confused look, the media soon changed the narrative as their viewers quickly turned away. The ratings were so bad that CNN had to bury their CNN+ app for not having enough viewers and it cost them hundreds of millions of dollars. Now, with Democrats trying to gain ground ahead of the midterms, it seems that the media is no longer pushing their agendas.

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Currently, the secretary of transportation for the United States, Pete Buttigieg, who some claim could be a potential candidate for the Democrats in 2024, spoke on the great job the Biden administration has done. The only problem, Squawk Newsmaker host, Joe Kernen, wasn’t buying it. In the video below, the host criticized the Democrat, stating, “just stick to the script. The economy is great, the border is secure. Our cities are safe… Would it not be better to just be honest with the American people about the soup that we’re in right now. And we can all try to deal with it together.”

Fighting back against the criticism, Pete Buttigieg claimed, “Nobody’s saying we don’t have any problems. But if you don’t pause and recognize the meaning of one of the most significant pieces of legislation so far, in the 21st century, just because we also have a lot of other problems we’re contending with as a country, then then I think you’re really feeding into a narrative that that’s pulling America down and holding America back.”

The Democrat continued to praise the efforts of the Biden administration, adding, “Of course, we have a lot more work to do in the fight against inflation, in the economy and a number of things that need attention, but if we just ignore the significance of legislative achievements that some people thought were dead and buried just days before they actually happen. If we ignore what it means to have created 10 million jobs, most of any presidency in the history of the Republic, if we ignore the momentum that has been built, then we’re not doing our part to support people who are going to help us.”

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Much like Joe Kernen, users didn’t agree with Buttigieg as they commented, “They can’t budge from their narrative, even when confronted directly with the facts. They are incapable of admitting failure. Thinking that they are smarter than, and can lie to the American public, will be their end. Americans are not dumb, not even some who lean left.”

This piece was written by Jeremy Porter on September 16, 2022. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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