The China Syndrome is spreading with protestors rising up against the Zero Tolerance Covid policies and the CCP cracking down on dissent. The fear is growing that the uprisings could continue—and spread—and that Xi Jinping will decide he has had enough and open fire on his own people. It’s not like such things haven’t happened before in communist countries run by dictators—and it’s certainly not outside the realm of possibility. This gives rise to a potential double global crisis as Russia flails and grows increasingly desperate in its invasion of Ukraine. Most people thought it would be over in a few days or maybe weeks back in February when tanks rolled over the border—but the invasion is now on the ropes and Vladimir Putin could resort to using weapons of mass destruction. Some even believe he could use nuclear weapons. And now we face the possibility that China could use lethal force against its own people to quell the rebellions against the government incited by the brutal lockdowns and crackdowns. It leaves me wondering where everyone is today. I mean, many Democrats who openly supported the Chicoms now must admit just how wrong they were. Unless, of course, they were just envious of the control the Chinese could unleash on people. And now a desperate Xi—who just secured an unprecedented third five-year term as the leader of the country—is likely unwilling to show any weakness, especially to the people in the streets demanding he resign and take the CCP with him. The calls for Freedom are growing BUT how long will it go mostly unchecked and unchallenged?

As I mentioned before, the real bottom line is this: what is Xi willing to do to keep his people in
line—and at what cost?

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This piece was written by Steve Gruber on December 1, 2022. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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