While deployments to the Middle East and North Africa as part of the Global War on Terror are over for much of America’s armed forces, there is a new war being waged here in the homeland. It’s a war against America’s culture, where the battlefield is in the classroom, and parents, not soldiers, are desperately needed on the front lines.

Despite attempts to convince us otherwise, the greatest threat to America isn’t being overrun by Russian or Chinese forces; it’s being attacked from within by woke radicals using our freedoms to spread Marxism and socialism.  These destructive ideologies that have brought misery and mayhem around the world are promoted in our nation’s public schools using trojan horses named diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Under the guise of DEI, young students are introduced to structural racism, anti-police rhetoric, and a radical transgender agenda. Since those opposing DEI are branded as racists and homophobes, even levelheaded administrators and teachers that don’t agree with the materials remain silent as it’s used to divide and conquer their students’ impressionable minds.

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Examples have been popping up across the country since at least 2020: A curriculum was proposed in a Virginia County in 2020 to teach kindergartners about “whiteness and blackness”, and “activism and action civics”; in California during 2021, elementary school students were told to “select their oppressive, privileged identities”; and in NJ in 2022, a lesson was proposed to teach 1st graders about gender identity and normalize gender dysphoria. 

DEI’s focus on race and gender instructs children to see each other as oppressors or victims based on their skin color and to see themselves as one of an ever-emerging array of genders and sexualities. In New York, one would expect this type of ‘transgressive teaching’ to be confined to democrat urban strongholds like NYC, but it is surfacing in the more conservative suburbs of Long Island. Even in Suffolk County, which sent three Republican congressmen to DC in the most recent election, DEI has been entrenched for years and is emerging in a variety of school districts. 

North Babylon School District: A November 2020 article found on their website reveals that for four years, students of the North Babylon High School (NBHS) Student Equity team attended conferences hosted by Erase Racism. A teaching tool found at Erase Racism’s website under the resource center is a graphic titled Structural Racism at a Glance: Education, which states, “Structural racism is the historic and ongoing racial discrimination and segregation of African Americans/blacks in particular, which is typically instigated or sanctioned by the government.” In another teaching tool, titled Black Lives Matter Reflections, the founder of Erase Racism states, “The continuing killing of black people by agents of our government, the worst of police officers, not the best, has left me numb.” Social media posts by Erase Racism include a 9/24/2020 tweet that “Structural racism is the reason three officers felt entitled and confident that their livelihoods would not be impacted by their murdering Breonna Taylor.”

Years of such anti-police influence may explain why at the NBHS 2023 Black History Celebration, for the opening act, a student recited a poem characterizing police as: “street soldiers doing drive-bys”; shooting down his “brothers and sisters”; and “put you in danger when it’s their jobs to protect you.” Proof they support promoting the same baseless lies parroted by social justice activists, the NBHS Principals posted the performance on their official Instagram page, describing it as a “Beautiful…powerful opening.”  

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Smithtown Central School District: In 2021, an assistant superintendent who was in charge of the district’s equity team abruptly retired after she was exposed pushing similar anti-police rhetoric and concepts like white privilege.  The district has since brought positive police programs into its schools, but it has also embraced radical transgenderism. 

In the spring of 2022, the district approved a poster titled “Under the Umbrella of Gender and Sexuality” to be displayed outside the high school cafeteria. On the poster were biologically and grammatically incorrect examples of how pronouns could now be used. The final one, “He went to the library to return her book because they were done with it,” made it appear that boys and girls can change their sex at will. Then in the fall of 2022, the district displayed a National Coming Out Day Campaign flyer throughout one of its high schools. The QR code on the flyer brought students to a ‘Safe Space Pledge’ where they committed to “combat heterosexism” and “use terms like ‘significant other,’ ‘partner,’ or ‘spouse,’ instead of ‘boyfriend/girlfriend’ or ‘husband/wife.” Children also had to pledge to “support the implementation of All-Gender Restrooms in my community…at work and in school.” Most recently, in 2023, the district allowed students to paint the politically charged progressive pride flag in a stairwell.  

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Connetquot School District: In 2022, Connetquot gained national attention when an activist teacher inspired protests after she violated the district’s flag policy and put a progressive pride flag on a classroom wall. 

Sachem School District: In February 2023, the district caused an uproar when it sent 10th-grade students a survey which, among the very inappropriate sexual questions it asked for was, “Some people describe themselves as transgender when their sex at birth does not match the way they think or feel about their gender. Are you transgender?”

While our “greatest generation” heroically fought under the American flag to defeat Nazism and Imperialism, our newest generation is being programmed to serve under the flags of BLM Marxists and Radical Transgenderism.  Teenage girls are undergoing sex change surgeries at a rate never before seen in our history, children are marching against their classmates’ parents in anti-police protests, and 36% of college students “view communism favorably.”

The communist strategy of a “long march through the institutions” is bringing revolutionary change to America as it is openly carried out in our schools. For those still in denial, in 2020, California State University Professor of Pan-African Studies, Melina Abdullah tweeted, “The violent white-supremacist-patriarchal-heteronormative-capitalism that is pervading our country… will only be defeated by courageous vision and a political revolution.”

Whether by choice or circumstance, we are all now soldiers in the war to protect our children, our culture, and our country. 

Mike Simonelli is an Army combat veteran and a police officer in New York for 23 years. His book on policing can be found at www.jdfinformation.com.

This piece was written by Red Voice Media on February 22, 2023. It originally appeared in RedVoiceMedia.com and is used by permission.


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