Kamala Harris has been tapped to lead another initiative, despite doing nothing with her other tasks.  Joe Biden made yet another racist remark and also continued to peddle lies about threats from white supremacists. Plus, Dr. Fauci’s emails have been released and he is exactly what we thought he was, the enemy.  Partner Links: Visit our friends at RedVoiceMedia.com to get great news commentary and content on our nation’s law enforcement community.  Show Sponsors and Fan Discounts: Mammoth Nation Become a member and save at https://mammothnation.com/  UFM Underwear Visit https://ufmunderwear.com/ and Use Promo Code DREW to receive $6 off!  Red Beach Nation Whether you live at the beach, are traveling to one or just want to imagine yourself there…Red Beach’s comfy patriotic apparel is sure to lift your spirits. Use promo code DREW and save 10% at https://RedBeachNation.com